Being charged with any crime is a serious situation, but there are certain types of criminal charges that carry more severe punishment than others. For instance, a speeding ticket is generally punishable by a fine while a DUI charge carries with it the possibility that your driving privileges will be lost. Another good example of the difference between types of crimes is that of a drug charge versus a sex offender crime. The punishment for a sex crime is typically quite severe, and can do real damage to your future. This is due in large part to the chance that you will be made to register as a sex offender, and give up certain freedoms. This is why it is so critical to enlist the help of a qualified defense attorney if you are facing a sex crime charge.

Under Florida law, sex offenders are not allowed to live in certain areas (like near a school or a park), may not be permitted to drive alone, and might even be required to be home by a set curfew. These restrictions can make it hard to find a suitable place to live, and may create a hardship on your family if you are not able to help run errands or drive the kids to school. The five types of sex offenders in Florida include:

  • Those that are convicted of a crime where an electronic device was used in connection with the crime, like a child pornography case that includes use of social media to identify and target minors for inappropriate sexual activity.
  • Those that are convicted of unlawful sexual activity with a minor.
  • Those that are convicted of kidnapping, for the purposes of or where there are also instances of inappropriate sexual activity with children.
  • Those convicted of sexual battery, regardless of the age of the victim.
  • Those convicted of human and/or sex trafficking.

Registering as a sex offender is done in order to keep the public safe, and in the hope that the offender will not engage in repeat behavior. But the restrictions can be hard to understand, and this can lead to a violation of the terms of your sentence. If you are found to have violated the terms of your sentence, you may face additional charges. In order to have a result that makes sense, and one that you can understand, call our office. We will help by making sure the terms of punishment fit the facts of your case, and are manageable.

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