Being pulled over and arrested for DUI can leave you wondering what to do next. Chances are you have not faced this particular problem in the past, or if you have it has been a while. If you are charged with DUI you have to act fast to protect your right to drive, and to being developing a defense to the criminal charges against you. It can be a scary experience, but when you put your defense in the right hands you can rest easy knowing that your case is being handled by a qualified professional.

Five ways a DUI defense attorney can help you if you have been charged with DUI are:

  • In addition to the possibility of having to spend time in jail, there is also the likelihood you will have to spend some money if you are arrested for DUI. There are court costs that are associated with every case, and these costs can be quite high. We know that money can be tight, and so work hard to keep the fines manageable, which might include working out payments that are within your budget. There are also costs outside the courthouse that can come up in a DUI case, and we look for ways to help you keep these costs low.
  • One cost that is sure to go up is the price of your insurance, this is why we work for a result that will not be as damaging to your rates. Many insurers raise rates for DUI convictions, but when the charges are reduced the potential increase is not as much. Part of a good defense to any DUI case is to get a dismissal of the charges, or at least a reduction in the charges so your insurance does not take as hard of a hit.
  • Most DUI cases are accompanied by a loss of driving privileges. You have ten days after the date of DUI arrest to seek a review of this loss, and if you fail to make a request for review, you are barred from doing so later. The ten day rule is a hard and fast rule, and missing this deadline means you miss out on having a driver’s license for a while.
  • A DUI charge is noted on your criminal record, and when you have too many damaging notations on your record it can be hard to get a job or do other things. But when you aggressively defend the case and work hard for a successful outcome, you might also be able to make a case later for having the DUI charge removed from public viewing on your record.
  • A lot of cases, especially first time DUI cases, can be resolved by probation. But in order for this to work, the terms of probation have to be manageable, or else the defendant runs the risk of not being able to comply. We will work with you to learn what you are able to do, within reason, while on probation and argue for terms that meet your needs.

Our approach is one that takes into account the specific facts of your case, and your specific needs. Call us today to find out more and figure out you next step if you have been arrested for DUI.

If you have questions about DUI defense, call our office for answers. Call an experienced criminal defense attorney in Stuart and the Treasure Coast. Your first visit is a free initial consultation.