Agreeing to go on probation as a way to resolve a criminal case against you can keep you out of jail. But this only works if you are able to follow all of the rules of your probation, and stay out of trouble the entire time. If you commit a probation violation, your probation will be revoked and you will be in more trouble than when you first arrested. But sometimes it is not always clear that something you’ve done violates your probation. In order to be successful while on probation it is critical to fully understand what is expected of you, so you can take the steps necessary to comply.

Five ways to violate probation, and what you can do to make sure you don’t commit one of these violations are:

  • Missing an appointment: if one of your probationary requirements is that you check in with a probation officer, or go to an appointment with a drug and/or alcohol counselor, be sure to put these appointments on your schedule. If you miss one of these meetings, you might have your probation revoked. We all get busy, so the sooner you plan on being where you need to be, the sooner you can mark this requirement off your list. If your appointments are recurring, be sure to note that on your calendar and make arrangements to be present.
  • Missing a payment of your costs and/or fines: most criminal cases include imposition of a fine or cost. The defendant is responsible for paying these fees and failing to do so can be a probation violation.
  • Waiting until the last minute: if there are things you can do as soon as your probation starts, it is best to make these arrangements now. Putting things off until the last minute will only cause more stress and anxiety during an already stressful time.
  • Being arrested for a new crime: while the terms of probation vary from case to case, it is a given in every case that the defendant cannot be arrested for any new crime while on probation. This means you have to keep your nose clean and stay out of trouble during your probation. If this means avoiding certain people or places, do it!
  • Taking drugs while on probation: for some charges, part of the probationary sentence is to stay clean. This means you cannot test positive for any illegal substance while on probation. Again, if this requires you to stay away from a particular group of people, or staying away from certain gatherings, it is in your best interest to do so.

We want you to be successful while on probation, and work hard to come to terms that you ah handle. If you have questions about probation or what to do if you are charged with a probation violation, call us today.

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