For Commercial Drivers, FL DUI Consequences are much more severe

For Commercial Drivers, FL DUI Consequences are much more severe

For commercial drivers, a FL DUI conviction can drastically change your life.  For an owner of a commercial driver’s license, DUI laws are more strict than they are for the regular driver.  Upon a FL DUI Conviction, commercial drivers can expect a one year suspension of their commercial license if pulled over in any of the following circumstances:

1.  driving a commercial vehicle with a blood alcohol level of .04 or above (regular legal limit is .08);

2.  you refused to take the breath test while driving a commercial vehicle;

3.  driving a commerical vehicle while in possession of a controlled substance (drugs including prescription drugs if you don’t have a presrciption); or

4.    driving a personal vehicle while DUI (for the regular driver the license suspension is 6 months upon a first conviction).


Additionally, commercial drivers will have their commercial license permanently revoked if caught 2 times in any of the above scenarios.  Unlike owners of a regular driver’s license, commercial drivers may not obtain a hardship commercial license.  In other words, no more driving for a living for at least a year.

A FL DUI has serious consequences for anyone.  But a FL DUI is especially serious for commercial drivers.

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