People come in all shapes and sizes, with different personality types and work in all sorts of jobs. But, the things that make us different can be some of the same things that bring us together. For instance, a shared love of football can bring fans from opposing teams together in a sort of playful competition and people with a love of the outdoors can find common ground when talking about parks, hiking trails, or other places to participate in a little scenic adventure.

When considering social activities, one that frequently comes to mind is going out with friends for family for dinner and drinks. The issue to keep in mind when drinking is to stay safe, and to drink responsibly. Time magazine recently broke down the four common types of drinkers, and this information may prove helpful in a DUI case. The most common types include:

  • Hemingways: this classification of drinkers includes those that seem the same both before and after having had a few drinks. There are no visible changes in personality, and it can be difficult to tell just from sight when this type of drinker has had too much.
  • Mary Poppins: this group of drinkers only seem to get happier and more pleasant to be around after they’ve had a few too many drinks.
  • Nutty Professor: this person is typically an introvert, but their social side comes out with alcohol consumption.
  • Mr. Hyde: true to its name, this type of drinker exhibits a completely different personality after drinking too much. These are the people that become agitated, and mean when they are drinking.

The type of drinker you are may play a part in a criminal case against you. If you are too chatty, you may give up too much information easily when pulled over by the police, and this could be used against you later in a DUI case. If you are prone to staring a bar fight when drinking, it will be important for you to learn ways to keep you cool and remain calm when stopped on suspicion of DUI. Regardless of your drinking personality, you deserve a solid defense to any case against you. Allow us to help, by developing a defense to the DUI charges against you in a way that fits the facts of your case.

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