Not everyone is a good test taker. This concept does not only apply to written tests, given while seated at a desk in a schoolhouse. There are plenty of other types of tests, and the way you perform can have a dramatic impact on how you are viewed at work, within your circle of friends, or even in a Court of law. You may not know it, but many employers look at things other than your actual job performance when making decisions on promotions and raises. Articles on professional sites such as LinkedIn suggest that things like your choice of tie or where to have lunch have subliminal effects on whether you are considered for more responsibility or those jobs go to a co-worker. This sort of “test” is one that you are being subjected to without a pen or pencil in hand, and there are others.

The breath test, given when a driver is suspected of DUI is another good example of a test that isn’t really something you can prepare for by hitting the books. What you can do though is know how certain things affect a breath test, so you are prepared to put forth the best defense you can if you are charged with DUI. Four factors to watch for are:

  • Other substances: if you have other substances in your system, those can alter the test results. This is true of both legal and illegal substances, so make sure to reveal everything to your attorney when you are talking about how to best defend the case against you.
  • Being scared or nervous: these conditions can increase your adrenaline flow, and cause you to make a mistake while taking the breath test.
  • Your weight: this isn’t a diet tip; it’s a statement about how your weight can play a role in your blood alcohol content. Lighter weight people will become “drunk” faster than those that weigh more, and this can skew the test results.
  • Your sex: females tend to reach a BAC over the legal limit faster than males.

You should also watch out for things like whether the testing equipment was working properly, whether the test was given by a person authorized and trained to do so, and whether there had been proper maintenance on the machine. The news is full of stories about improper testing procedures, and it is worth the time to question the way your test was given to be sure there were no errors. For more information, call us today.

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