As summer comes to an end and fall begins, there is one thing that seems to dominate television, newspapers, and social media; football! Whether it be college games, or the pros, football games across the country are a huge draw as thousands of fans flock to stadiums and other venues to watch their favorite team take the field. In January 2015, during the NFL playoffs, it was revealed that one team had potentially engaged in behavior that changed the level of inflation in the game balls. The New England Patriots, and their star QB Tom Brady quickly found themselves in the center of the controversy. After a lengthy investigation, Brady was punished with a four game suspension. That decision was appealed, but it has been upheld.

Towards the end of July of the same year, the NFL decided to uphold the four game suspension. Some of the reasons given for decision include:

  • Evidence was introduced showing Brady destroyed his cell phone after the news of the deflation broke.
  • Data stored on the phone may have contained information regarding the scandal, and Brady was aware the phone was being sought for review of text messages and other information contained within the device.

If Tom Brady can be suspended for four games without pay, due in part to destruction of an electronic device, think what information could be found on your phone that might be harmful to criminal charges against you. It is not uncommon to text friends when you are out on the town, and some texts may even include a “selfie”. If the data sent shows you were engaging in activities that contributed to a criminal charge being lodged against you, like being at a bar shortly before driving, this evidence might be used in a case against you. It has been the norm for a while now that posts on social media may come back to haunt you in a criminal case, and the same can be said of the information stored on your electronic devices. The lesson here is that if you have hesitation about making a tweet, posting something to Facebook, or sending a text, exercise caution and refrain from sending the message.

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