In order for an arrest to be made and a crime prosecuted, the State has to have some sort of evidence that the defendant committed the crime. A DUI arrest is made when a driver has a blood alcohol content over the legal limit, which is 0.08%. In order to make this determination, an officer who pulls over a car will give the driver a breath test. But the breath test is only given if the arresting officer reasonably suspects the driver is driving while intoxicated. There are some physical signs the officer can observe once the car is stopped, such as bloodshot eyes or an odor of alcohol, but in order to make the stop in the first place the officer has to have a good reason.

The most obvious reason for pulling over a driver is if they are speeding. We are all required to drive no faster than what the law allows, and even if alcohol is not involved it is still against the law to driver over the speed limit. But driving too fast is not the only thing that will get you pulled over, here are four suspicious driving patterns that can lead to a DUI arrest:

  • Driving too slow: that’s right; it is also against the law to drive slower than the speed limit. Just a few miles under the limit will not be suspicious, but if you are going significantly slower than what is allowed it looks suspect. A lot of drivers think if they just don’t speed on the way home from a night out of drinking they are in the clear, and so will drive much slower than the limit. But this raises an officer’s eye and can get you pulled over on suspicion of DUI
  • Disregarding traffic signals and signs: running a red light, or rolling through a stop sign are certain signs that you are not paying attention to your driving and in some cases this is the result of mere inattentiveness, but in others it is due to having some drinks before driving.
  • Weaving in and out of traffic: when you change lanes quickly, or too close to the car in front of you, it is a sign you a driving while impaired.
  • Having an accident: anyone can be in an accident at any time, and it does not take alcohol to cause an accident. But if you happen to have been drinking and do get in an accident, the officer on the scene will probably give you a DUI ticket and arrest you.

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