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If you are not risk averse, you will not have any problem taking chances on things without knowing the likely outcome. This can pay off if you engage in things like playing the stock market, but it can also cost you dearly. One area you will not want to enter blindly is figuring out what to do if you are charged with DUI. A DUI can have a significant impact on your life, and the changes are easier to handle when you are prepared and know what to expect.

Four things to expect when drinking and driving, and that go along with the DUI case, include the following:

  • At the scene you should expect to be asked to take a breath test, or other field sobriety test. The police will use the results to make their case against you for driving while intoxicated. If the results show that your blood alcohol content is over the legal limit, you can be charged with DUI. In order to combat this evidence it is important to look for flaws in the testing procedure. These flaws may be in the actual administration of the case, may be a defect in the equipment, or could be due to the existence of a legally permissible substance in your system (such as prescription medication).
  • A DUI arrest will result in loss of your driving privileges. This is only one part of a DUI case, and most people are unware of that this portion of the case even exists. A DUI is not just a criminal case against you, it is also an administrative proceeding regarding your driver’s license. The part of the case regarding your license is separate from the criminal case, and must be handled separately. You have to make a request for a review of your license suspension within a short time after your arrest, and if you miss the deadline you will not be allowed even modified driving privileges.
  • Going to Court is part of every case, whether you agree to a plea or decide to take your case to trial. The decision is personal, and will depend on the specific facts of your case.
  • You can resolve your case by entering a plea, and going on probation, but it is imperative that you understand the terms. Most times you will be required to have an interlock installed in your car, and you may even have to perform community service.

If you have questions about possible DUI defense tactics, or the different components of a DUI case, call our office for answers. We will help to explain the process to you so you can prepare yourself for what to expect.

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