In Florida there are certain traffic and vehicular offenses that will result in an automatic suspension or revocation of your driver’s license. In some of these instances you can seek a modified right to drive, but in others you will be left without a license and be unable to lawfully operate a motor vehicle. Being able to drive is important, and that is why it is crucial to know what types of cases result in a complete loss of license versus which ones will leave you relying on public transportation or friends and family for rides.

Four ways to lose your driver’s license include the following situations:

  • Vehicular manslaughter, which is any death that results from the way in which you were driving. This might be a DUI case or an instance of reckless driving case.
  • A DUI case that does not result in death, but does cause serious bodily harm to another driver, passenger, or pedestrian.
  • Vehicular homicide, which can be hard to distinguish from vehicular manslaughter. Generally speaking the difference is the intent of the driver, versus mere negligence.
  • Being involved in an accident that causes a death or serious bodily injury, and fleeing the scene of that accident.

For DUI or other traffic related arrests that cause you to lose your license, you must act quickly. In the case of a DUI, you can seek a limited license but only if you do so within ten days of being arrested. The limited license will allow you to continue driving to work and school, and other activities that enable you to support yourself and your family. If you fail to make the request, the license suspension will remain in place without any modification of your driving privileges. The length of time for which your license will be revoked for any of the above offenses varies, and can range from one to three years, or even more for more serious offenses. And, keep in mind that you can also lose your license for offense that do not involve a car, certain drug related charges are a good example of cases that fall in this category. Don’t take changes with your license, call us for help. Our team of traffic and DUI defense attorneys knows what to do to help maintain your right to drive.

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