With the holiday season in full swing and a tight economy to begin with, one simple act can save you thousands in unexpected expenses. Save the phone number to a local taxi company into your cell phone contacts.

Getting a ride to and from holiday parties that will involve casual drinking reduces your chances of getting a DUI down to ZERO.

On the other hand, if facing a DUI in Florida, you would be looking at a maximum sentence of six months in the county jail for a first offense. You would be looking at a mandatory minimum sentence (the judge MUST impose in every case) which would include up to one year of probation to complete the following conditions: a $500.00 fine, plus court costs; attend and complete the DUI School and any recommended treatment; the victim impact panel; 50 community service hours; a 10 day vehicle impound; and most notably, a six month driver’s license suspension. The minimum fine and length of suspension can increase depending on whether a person takes a breath test and to what result.

On the Treasure Coast, as well as most parts of Florida, the loss of a driver’s license often makes finding and/or retaining employment difficult. Still, it’s not worth the risk to try driving while your license is still suspended for a DUI. If caught, you will almost certainly spend some time in jail.

Be smart. Get a cab. Enjoy the holidays.