wordsThe reasons for divorce are as unique as the couple. Some people seek a divorce as a result of financial stress, infidelity, immaturity, or simply because the couple has grown apart. Whatever the reason for your divorce, the benefit of therapy during and after divorce is great. Therapy can help you work through the range of emotions divorce brings, even if you are the one that initiated the proceedings.

A good article on the benefits of therapy for divorcing couples states marriage therapy can:

  • Help you overcome feelings of guilt and social ostricization.
  • Help provide the emotional tools necessary to deal with a manipulative ex-spouse.


  • Give you the psychological strength to co-parent your children.


Counseling during the divorce is also helpful because it results in the parties understanding the reasons for divorce, and how to move forward as a single person. Therapy is also beneficial when one spouse meets a new romantic interest, and can prepare you for what to expect from your ex and kids when introducing a new person into your changed family structure. Children also benefit from therapy when their parents divorce, by learning they are not the cause and adjusting to a new parenting scheme. The time after a divorce is final is a time of readjustment for everyone. Skilled mental health professionals prove invaluable in making this transition, and putting your family on the road to a healthy future.

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