question markThe Ferraro Law Group helps people charged with crimes by offering specialized legal services for both felonies and misdemeanors. Being arrested for any crime, however minor, is alarming. The possibility of jail time, the high fines and penalties and the possibility of a criminal record all require competent legal advice to ensure a satisfactory result. We work to relieve the stress of the criminal law process so you can focus on rehabilitating your reputation and rebuilding your life.

The Florida Rules of Criminal Procedure govern the procedure a criminal case follows. A skilled defense attorney is familiar with these rules and procedures and has experience negotiating with the prosecution. Criminal defense attorneys know the likely punishment for the crime you are charged with, and can explain possible outcomes so you are more at ease when entering the Courtroom and facing a Judge. In addition, you can expect our trained attorneys to:

● Persuasively argue your case to the Judge or a jury

● Seek the most lenient sentence possible for the charges

● Fight for dismissal of the case filed against you

● Calm your nerves by appearing with you in Court

We provide these services while treating you with respect and dignity. We listen to the facts of your arrest and look for flaws in the procedure that may allow for lighter sentences, dismissal or pave the way for smooth negotiations with the prosecutor. We interview potential witnesses and look for opportunity to attack credibility, so your case may be presented in the most favorable light to you. Whatever the situation, we thoroughly review all the facts and present you with strategy choices that are comfortable and work for your case.

If you or a loved one has been arrested for a crime, call a reputable criminal defense attorney for help. Ferraro Law Group provides defense in Stuart to those facing criminal charges. Call our office to schedule a free initial appointment.