Every time you hear of an accident that involved alcohol and driving, a story on how to prevent future incidents soon follows. Whether it is the Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), a local community group, or posts on social media, there are countless programs out there aimed and preventing drivers from taking the wheel after they’ve been drinking. In many instances, local or state governments and law enforcement agencies take part and help to raise money or awareness of the issue, in the hope of reducing the number of DUI arrests made. Things like DUI checkpoints and other police action are meant to put drivers on alert, and persuade them to find another way home if too much alcohol has been consumed. But, have you ever wondered if these initiatives are effective? Or, are there other factors at play when looking at the number of DUI arrests made?

A report from MADD highlights the effectiveness of anti-drinking and driving campaigns around the nation. For Florida, the report shows:

  • The rate of fatal crashes attributable to DUI’s has decreased since 2006, and the decrease is allegedly due to efforts of law enforcement.
  • Things like mandatory interlock installation have been suggested as a way to further reduce the chances of a person drinking and driving.

One statistic that deserves special mention is that of the rate drivers refuse to take the breath test. MADD claims that rate to be around 40% in Florida, and is advocating for tougher consequences for those that refuse. Florida is an implied consent state, which means the simple act of driving on the states’ roads is an agreement by the driver that if pulled over they consent to the test, without even being asked for consent to be given! The consent of the driver is “implied” by the very fact that the driver was taking advantage of the benefit of the state’s highways and byways. However, you can refuse to take the breath test, and for those that do the results vary. Depending on the particular facts of your case, refusal can be a benefit or can create an obstacle to overcome while defending your case. We have helped people in both situations, and can help you too. Contact us today for more information.

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