Having a criminal record has an impact on your future. We know that everyone makes mistakes, but that those mistakes should not follow you the rest of your days. But in a society full of social media posts and email chains that never get deleted it can be hard to wipe out any trace of things you’ve done in your past. However, in certain criminal case circumstances there is the possibility that you can clear your record and start over with a clean slate. If you qualify you can ask for an expungement of your record, and the charges detailing the mistakes of youth will not go with you as you grow older.

An expungement of your record is available if the charges were dismissed, you were found not guilty, or an arrest was made but the charges never filed. Three ways having the notation of criminal activity cleared from your record helps includes:

  • You will be able to apply for school or jobs and state that you have not been convicted of any crime. This is important if the school or job of your choice looks at your record.
  • You will be eligible for better loan rates or be able to rent an apartment or house easier. It sounds funny but even banks and landlords look at your past when making the decision on whether to loan you money or rent to you.
  • You will be able to apply for certain licenses that those with criminal records are otherwise not eligible to hold.

Not every charge is subject to expungement, so before you take the steps to make the request to enter an order expunging your record it is critical to find out if you qualify. Also, there are some instances where even if you get an order of expungement your record is still visible to certain entities. For example, law enforcement will still have access to your record so if you are looking to join the force an expungement will not work for you. In most cases expungement is also only available for first time offenders, so if you are a repeat offender expungement is unlikely to give you any benefit. For more information call our office and make an appointment with one of our knowledgeable criminal defense attorneys today.

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