question marksYour driving record affects your life in more ways than just your ability to drive. A good record can mean lower insurance rates, and a higher credit score. Drivers with an accumulation of points on their records pay more for insurance and can face suspension of their driving privileges. In a mobile society, the ability to drive is a necessity. Going to and from work, taking the kids to Church and school, and being able to visit family and friends are all a part of well-rounded, happy life. Safeguard your right to drive by contacting one of the attorneys at Ferraro Law Group specializing in traffic violations.

Information about points on your driving record can obtained from the Florida Department of Highway and Safety and Motor Vehicles. For example:

● Various driving offenses are assigned a certain point value

● Once a certain number of points accumulates; your driver’s license will be suspended

● The more points accumulated in a certain time period, the longer the suspension of driving privileges lasts

To maintain a good driving record, keep your insurance rates low, and keep your driver’s license you need aggressive representation for any traffic violation. This includes tickets for even the most minor of infractions, up to the more serious offense of leaving the scene of an accident. We examine the facts of your case and identify all witnesses, including the officer that wrote the ticket. You have the right to a hearing, where that officer must appear and give testimony. We are experienced in identifying defects in the citation process, and using those defects to your benefit. Keeping points off your record is our goal, as we explore the options of your case, from remedial opportunities such as driving school to outright dismissal of the charges against you.

Call our office to schedule a free initial consultation with a traffic violation attorney with experience defending traffic tickets. Keep your driving privileges and keep your record clean. Call today to make an appointment.