facebookJudges are supposed to remain impartial. It is also inappropriate for a Judge to decide a case for a friend or family member. Drawing an imaginary line in the sand between the bench and the parties to a case ensures the Judge’s decisions are fair and appropriate. When a Judge isn’t able to keep his or her distance from a case the results are suspect.

The prohibition on a Judge’s personal relationship with litigants has been the focus of an investigation of a Circuit Court Judge. The facts of the case are strange and unique, and extend beyond the initial allegation that a party to a lawsuit who refused the Judge’s Facebook request was treated unfairly in the Courtroom. For example, the news reports the following out of the ordinary behavior by the Judge:

● The Judge has installed hidden cameras in her chambers out of fear her office was bugged.

● The Judge refused to hear testimony from a litigant because the Judge claimed she was “annoyed” by the person.

Local attorneys believe the Judge is in over her head, and lacks the ability to properly perform the duties of her office. This type of judicial misconduct can result in serious consequences to the lawyers and parties to a lawsuit. When you are a party to a legal proceeding, it is vital you partner with an attorney that can handle the eccentricities of the bench while still aggressively advancing your position. Our team of family law attorneys is well respected by our peers and Court personnel. We are here to give you advice and help guide you towards solutions that work.

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