policeIf you’ve been pulled over surely there is a good reason, right? The police don’t make mistakes, or fail to follow proper procedures, do they? And never once has an officer abused their position, have they? These are rhetorical questions, of course. Because we all know the answers. Policies get broken, procedures aren’t always followed, and sometimes an innocent person is charged with a crime they did not commit.

A few short hours away, our neighbors in Lakeland are seeing their police force investigated for the DUI (and other) procedures used. The news report tells the story:

● Arrest documents are notarized in blank, with information being supplied or filled in by the officer later.

● Women have been asked to “shake out” their undergarments in a search for controlled substances.

● Reports have been changed after they’ve been notarized.

The department is under investigation. An officer testifying about the incidents has changed his story, and refuses to admit any wrongdoing. With actions like these in the spotlight, you can bet local authorities will be minding their P’s and Q’s and doing everything “by the book”. This does not mean you cannot successfully defend criminal or DUI charges, and you should fight back! We have experience identifying which parts of a case are likely to be mishandled, and using that information to your advantage.

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