breaking newsOur fascination with celebrities extends to everything from the birth of their children, to the dissolution of their marriages. We follow cases involving celebrities down to every little detail. For those of you that have been keeping an eye on the celebrity divorce of Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, you can give your eyes a rest. After three long years, couple has a final agreement in place.

Reports of the divorce terms include:

  • J Lo will have primary custody of the couples’ twins, with Anthony given liberal visitation.

● No marital or child support will be required.

● In keeping with the common theme that final terms of a divorce consider the best interests of the children, the pair has                      agreed to shield their kids from the public eye as much as possible.


While the divorce of a celebrity will likely never be the same as yours, the above agreement indicates the issues are the same in all divorces. The differences come in the facts. No two set of cases has the exact same facts, and through careful planning and negotiation, you can reach solutions for your case that fit your facts. For instance, you may require the assistance of mental health professionals for therapy during or after the divorce, but your best friend may not have had that need. Likewise, your case may involve determination of complex financial or business issues while that was probably not the case in your parents’ or grandparents’ day. Whatever the circumstances, it is important you partner with an experienced family law attorney who will protect your interests and look out for your kids. Our team of skilled lawyers is capable of representing you aggressively, while maintaining a level of calm necessary to ease your nerves.


For questions about divorce, call an experienced family law attorney for help. We review the facts of your case and develop a plan to resolve your issues. We don’t offer cookie cutter approaches, but rather, develop a case tailored to your specific needs. Call today to schedule an appointment.