breaking inEntering someone else’s property without permission or ignoring private property signs can lead to criminal charges. The charges can quickly become escalated when additional crimes are committed on the property, or if a firearm or other weapon is involved. Jumping a fence, kicking down a gate, or breaking locks to gain access are obvious examples of how a trespass can occur. A less obvious act of trespass involves a common form of entertainment for youthful offenders.

A recent news story warns would be trespassers to refrain from engaging in “mudding”. For years people have flocked to property behind a neighborhood, sometimes filling their ATV’s with their kids, to “spin out” in the field. Authorities have decided to crack down on this activity, as an act of trespass:

● The property is privately owned, and the “mudders” are there without permission.

● The activity is a nuisance, causing disruption to the landowners.

● Instances of underage drinking and instances of physical altercations have taken place.

Police have given warnings for trespass, while residents are hopeful for quiet. The area has proven difficult to patrol since access by ATV is typically necessary. This instance is an extreme example of trespass charges, but is a good illustration of how a crime can take place when participating in a seemingly innocent activity.

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