medical face image with maskNovember brings Thanksgiving and Black Friday, two of America’s favorite days. This year though, November will also bring a vote to Floridians on the issue of medical marijuana. With this vote, there are sure to be more questions than answers. Will we see an increase in claims of medical use, as a defense to possession charges? Will the law be well written so as to avoid confusion over just this issue? Or will we face an onslaught of cases somewhere in the middle, and be left to figure out the intricacies? Regardless of the outcome, the lawyers at the Ferraro Law Group are closely watching this issue so they can be armed with relevant information for their clients.

The proposed law’s history is relatively short. First contemplated at the beginning of the 2013 legislative session, the idea was quickly tabled. Now, just over a year later the issue will be put before the voters. Proponents of medical marijuana argue:

● The health benefits for certain illnesses are served by use of medical marijuana over other, more traditional treatments

● The federal government has held the patent on medical marijuana for three decades

● Much needed grant money would become available to colleges and universities wishing to undertake studies were cannabis not illegal

We endeavor to stay on top of all the latest developments in the law, so we can pass on solid advice when our clients need it most. In the arena of medical marijuana, many questions still remain. However, we work tirelessly in our efforts to continually evolve and educated ourselves. Our mission is to provide zealous advocacy for every case.

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