child hand in adult handEveryone wants to feel loved and secure. This is even more true when you are a child. Throw in the fact the parents are divorcing and most kids need reassurance they are loved by both parents and that their lives will be as normal as possible. It is important to stand up for the rights of your children, but in order to maintain a healthy environment, it should be done properly. The ultimate result should be one that provides a loving home life for children of divorce, and provides a sense of security.


Mental health experts agree when the parents are able to make decisions regarding their children without conflict, everyone wins. Here are 3 tips on how you can fight for your child, but not fight with your ex:

1.  Agree to disagree, but only with each other. When talking with your kids you should still remain united on significant issues.

2.  Plan your conversations, so you know in advance what your ex is likely to discuss. It may seem burdensome, but having a checklist of what to discuss helps you stay on track and can help ease the emotional trauma you may be experiencing from the divorce.

3.  Count to ten. When all else fails and you feel yourself leaning towards unhealthy responses, take a break.

Showing your children both parents are involved in their lives and care about the things that are important to the kids helps kids get over the shock of their parents’ divorce. Remaining polite and respectful will show your children that while the marriage may have ended, the role of parent remains in place. It is your job to teach these values to your children, and the best way is by your behavior and words.


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