plain handshakeA divorce decree is meant to be the final document that sets forth the details of the divorce between the parties. However, things can change and the need to modify orders requires competent legal counsel. The Ferraro Law Group is staffed with experienced family law attorneys that fight for your rights during the divorce case, and when your needs change after the case reaches conclusion.

Common reasons for seeking a modification include:

● A new job/changed financial circumstances

● Relocation

● Sudden illness or increased childcare expenses

Florida law requires a substantial change in circumstances to make a modification to terms in the divorce decree; most notably when the change requested involves payment of child support. In fact, making a change to property or debt division once the case is final is typically not done. In today’s economy, the inclination is to think of a request to decrease child support payments when thinking of changed circumstances. But, not all changes are for a decrease. It is more common than one might think that the changed circumstances result in an increase in payment. An attorney with experience that carefully scrutinizes the facts can help make a requested change, or advocate for the status quo.

If you have experienced a change in circumstances that require an adjustment to an order of support, call a family law attorney in Stuart and the Treasure Coast for help. Your first appointment is offered at a flat fee. Call today to schedule an appointment.