Martin County Stuart Florida DUI Lawyer

RJ Ferraro is a Stuart, Martin County DUI Lawyer ready to put his experience to work for you.

The elements of a DUI in Martin County Florida are the same as the elements of a DUI in any other Florida jurisdiction.  However, every locale has its own customs and traditions, and Martin County is no different when it comes to DUI.  If you are arrested for a DUI in Martin County, you will be offered an opportunity to provide a breath sample to be used as evidence in your case.  If you refuse to take the breath sample in a Martin County DUI, your license will be suspended by the DMV.  How long, depends on whether or not you have any prior Martin County DUI’s or DUI’s in any other state or counties.  Even if you do refuse to take the breath test in a Martin County DUI, you will still be asked if to submit to nonevidentiary breath tests from time to time throughout the night.  These will not be used in court against you, but are used by the Martin County DUI Jail to determine whether or not it is safe to release you back onto the streets with a bail bond, or with or without some other conditions.  Once released from jail on the night of a Martin County DUI, the next step in the criminal process is to attend an arraignment to plead guilty or not guilty to the Martin County DUI.  But there is a separate Administrative Martin County DUI case that is on top of the Martin County DUI criminal case.  You actually have two cases pending with every Martin County DUI arrest.  The administrative case is the DMV’s attempt to suspend your license, either for refusing to blow in the machine, or for blowing above a .08 upon your Martin County DUI Arrest.  If you do not act on the Administrative side of the Martin County DUI arrest, your license will be suspended within 10 days.  You should consult with a lawyer immediately upon your release from jail on a Martin County DUI.  The ramifications are severe if you do not, or if you miss any of the deadlines imposed in either the Martin County DUI Criminal Case, or the Martin County DUI Administrative Case.  The Ferraro Law Group handles Martin County DUI cases both in criminal and adnimistrative courts.  Contact us today to let our experience work for you on your Martin County DUI.