alarm clockIt may take all night at a bar, friend’s party, or restaurant to reach the level of being legally intoxicated. But when you drive after drinking, the time it takes to be pulled over and arrested for DUI can be just a matter of minutes. If you have plans that involve alcohol, it is always best to have a designated driver, because the consequences of a DUI conviction are harsh.

A Florida driver recently learned just how harsh a DUI conviction can be. While making a U-turn, Donna Lynne Brown failed to see a motorcyclist. Brown struck the cyclist and drug him nearly 3 miles before stopping. The case resulted in the death of the driver of the motorcycle, and for Ms. Brown:

● An arrest.

● A charge of DUI.

● A bond of $70,000.00.

This extreme example illustrates the stiff punishment law enforcement and the Courts are willing to hand down to DUI offenders. But, a DUI can be fought, and even won. While no attorney can guarantee a certain outcome, our staff can promise to vigorously defend your DUI case. We examine all aspects of the case, from start to finish. Our investigation begins with analysis of the initial stop that prompted the arresting officer to cite you with DUI. We look at the field sobriety test results and whether they were validly obtained, and accurate. Many tests rely on “false positives”, and can be found inadmissible. If you have been charged with DUI you should act fast, to protect your driving record and ability to operate a vehicle. We work with you to develop a defense that best fits the facts of your case.

For accurate answers to your criminal defense questions, including arrests for DUI, call a criminal defense attorney in Stuart and the Treasure Coast. We offer aggressive representation while fighting for your rights. The first visit is a free initial consultation. Call today to schedule your appointment.