heinkel oct 30 5thTwo years ago, in 2012, Polo Club founder John Goodman was convicted of DUI manslaughter. But, on further review that verdict didn’t stand because there was evidence of juror misconduct. So, the State took a second crack at the case. This time, the State got their conviction. Make no mistake though, this conviction will also be appealed. There are serious legal issues left unresolved, and the decision to question the jury’s verdict is sound.

Goodman’s defense team claims the verdict is subject to attack for the following reasons:

● Goodman’s vehicle was released from evidence before the defense had the opportunity to have tests performed on the vehicle’s possible malfunction.

● Errors in the blood testing were present, but the Judge denied the defense request to put on expert testimony supporting this claim.


In any criminal case it is necessary to go over all the evidence with a fine tooth comb. In DUI cases, the field sobriety or blood tests are often subject to attack. Being denied the chance to show the jury how the testing was done improperly severely prejudices the rights of the defendant. When your rights are infringed upon, the proper course of action to take is to appeal jury verdicts or the Judge’s decision from the bench. Goodman faces up to 16 years in prison, so it is important that the verdict was arrived at lawfully. This is true for any criminal case, where the freedom of the accused and other important rights are at stake. We aggressively fight for your rights, and for the right to a fair and proper proceeding.


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