June 12, 2016 was the day the game changed for the LGBT community not only in Orlando, but around the world. On that date a lone gunman entered the Pulse Nightclub and opened fire, a total of 49 people lost their lives in the early morning hours that day and 53 others were wounded. As the news unfolded in the days after the reports were that the attack was specifically aimed at the LGBT community and perhaps even the Latino LGBT community. Arguments for and against gun control quickly arose as the country tried to come to grips with several terrifying events in Florida that week.

Among the issues that are likely to be discussed when sorting through the legal maze of the shooting are:

  • Should there be tighter restrictions on who can buy and own a gun?
  • Is the shooter’s wife somehow partially responsible for the attack given reports claim she “knew” of her husband’s plan?
  • Is the City required to release any of the 911 call transcripts from that night?

Some of these questions may be answered in the coming days or months, but the others could take years to resolve. The most talked about issue associated with this case is the issue of gun control, and with the recent “sit-in” in Congress it appears that issue will not fade softly into the night. Citizens are becoming increasingly more vocal about their position and demanding government take action. While it might seem like an easy answer the liberties guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution must remain intact and this is what makes the matter so contentious. Trying to maintain certain liberties and freedoms while protecting the public at large is a tall order. Until a resolution is reached it is also like that the number of weapons related arrests increases, and this can cause problems for law abiding citizens who have the right to carry a gun. We understand the conflict and when it comes to weapons issues stand ready to assist those that wish to protect their rights. If you have questions about lawful gun ownership, call us for answers. We will help you to fully understand what you can and cannot do, so you do not run afoul of any of the weapons laws currently in place.

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