footballBeing convicted of a crime is a serious matter. The punishment can be severe, and your personal life can also be impacted. Criminal convictions mean fines, court costs, and possibly loss of employment. These consequences dramatically affect your ability to earn a living and provide for your family as well as leave you feeling emotionally deflated. Celebrities, athletes, and public figures are not immune to facing criminal charges and the ramifications of their actions

To illustrate the point, one need only look as far as the video of Ray Rice knocking his then fiancé unconscious in an elevator. By now most everyone knows the story, but it goes like this:

● In February 2014 Rice and his now wife were in Atlantic City when the Pro Bowler punched his wife and rendered her unconscious.

● After the incident, the NFL suspended Rice for two games. At the time of the suspension, the full story had not yet broken.

● A new video recently surfaced, showing the activity inside the elevator. Up until the release of that video all that was being shown was Rice dragging the limp body of his wife out of the elevator.

● The Ravens have cut the player, and the league has suspended him.


The suspension and cut show how seriously employers take criminal acts committed by employees. When you are arrested it is important to remember you face not only a criminal prosecution, but also fall out in your personal life. In Ray’s case though, he won’t face prosecution. The NFL has implemented program whereby formal prosecution can be avoided, and the charges are expunged from the player’s record after one year. The real world works very differently. If you are arrested you will face prosecution and must aggressively defend the charges to protect your rights. In a DWI case this includes the right to drive, and maintain our good driving record so your insurance rates remain low. Our legal team is knowledgeable and experienced in criminal law cases and is here to help you face criminal charges with confidence.


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