If you have ever been arrested, you know what it takes to get out of jail. The process can be long and tedious, and it can also be costly. Many times, bail is too much for the ordinary person to stomach paying, or the funds are just simply not available. When bail is set, you have the option of going to a bondsman for help, and that will cut down on the amount it costs to get you out of jail. But if that does not work, you might have to take other action.

The number one way to get out of jail is of course to post bond, but what can you do if you are not able to come up with the money to pay your way out from behind bars? Here are some things to think about:

  • You can ask your attorney to request the Court set a lower bond amount.
  • If your offense is non-violent, or you are a first time offender, a skilled defense attorney may be able to convince a Judge that the amount of bail is too high for the type of case.
  • You can look into programs that are approved by the Court, and allow for your release without having to post bond. In these instances, you will be under Court supervision and required to check in regularly.

The problems associated with not being able to pay your way out of jail range from missing work, to potentially losing your job or having your kids find a relative to live with while you are behind bars. This seems unfair when the crime is not violent, as is the case in most misdemeanors and traffic violations. One of the most common misdemeanor crimes people are arrested for is DUI, and when those same people have to sit in jail because they can’t afford the high bond amount, no legitimate purpose if served. For help getting out, and staying out of jail, call our office. We will listen to your concerns and come up with solutions that meet your needs while fitting within the strict requirements of your budget.

If you have questions about bonding out of jail, call our office for answers. Call an experienced criminal defense attorney in Stuart and the Treasure Coast. Your first visit is a free initial consultation.