kid on shouldersMental health professionals agree that when families separate, the best interests of the children are served by parents that are able to present a united face to the kids even in the midst of divorce. However, not all parents are able to effectively co-parent and attempts to do so can cause more harm than good. If the parents are unable to act civilly when the children are present, other methods of parenting after divorce must be explored.

Psychological studies show parallel parenting to be a good choice for those parents that are unable to work as a parenting team after a divorce. Parallel parenting involves:

● The parties disengaging from each other for an initial time period by having limited interaction

● Assigning decision making authority over certain topical areas to different parents

This type of arrangement does not mean the parties are free to do as they choose regarding important decisions affecting the children. Rather, this type of parenting plan allows for the parents to take responsibility for major issues such as medical care, while leaving the day to day tasks up to the custodial parent or parent exercising visitation. Many times, couples who were unable to communicate with one another amicably at first, eventually work to a place where civility and respect are present. It is important to note the goal of parallel parenting is not to alienate the children from one parent or the other, but to give the parties time to grieve or cool down so interaction with one another is healthy.  Qualified attorney are a vital part to establishing a parallel parenting plan, because skilled legal professionals create a plan that works for you without engaging in volatile exchanges with your ex.

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