heinkel oct 23 1stTraffic tickets are costly in more ways than one. First there is the fine associated with the ticket, and second there is the point value given the offense. In Florida, you face possible suspension of your driver’s license when too many points are accumulated on your driving record. To maintain the ability to drive, it is important to know how the point system works. Different infractions carry a different number of points, depending on the severity of the offense. .

Points on your driving record are accumulated as follows:

● Being involved in an accident that causes at least $50 in damage, and leaving the scene of that accident is assigned a value of 6 points.

● Speeding that causes and accident is also an offense that will put 6 points on your record.

● Reckless driving adds 4 points to your driving record.


Speeding is another common traffic offense that puts points on your record. The more miles over the speed limit you travel, the more points you will receive. You will also see your driving record take a hit for passing a stopped school bus, failing to pay attention to and obeying traffic signals, littering, and driving with an open container. Once a certain number of points accumulate over a certain time period, you face possible suspension of your driver’s license. The first step is 12 points in 12 months. This will get your license suspended for 30 days. From there, if you have 18 points in 18 months you face a possible 3 month loss of driving privileges. Keeping points off your record helps maintain your right to drive. It is therefore crucial you aggressively defend traffic tickets by seeking dismissal or a reduced charge that carries a lower number of points. There are options, such as agreeing to attend driving school that will reduce the number of points on your record. But, it takes thoughtful legal analysis and negotiation to get to that point.

If you have received a traffic ticket, don’t simply pay the fine and move forward. Protect your right to drive by keeping harmful points off your driving record, call our office to learn your options. Schedule an appointment with an experienced criminal defense attorney in Stuart and the Treasure Coast. Your first visit is a free initial consultation.