footballAthletes and other celebrities are used to being in the news and in front of the camera. When stars are charged with crimes, the sometimes think their fame will keep them out of trouble. But with more and more celebrities being charged with crimes and even going to jail, that theory isn’t turning out to be true.

Florida Jaguars receiver Justin Blackmon is the latest athlete to face criminal charges:

  • Blackmon was arrested on charges of possession of marijuana in Oklahoma.

● Blackmon was taken to jail and posted $657 bond to secure his release.

● Blackmon was already on a suspension with the Jaguars for substance abuse problems, but the team says they won’t soon be            parting ways with the former Oklahoma State player.


The charges and suspensions mean Blackmon likely won’t see the field this season. This story illustrates that when you are arrested for crimes you not only face the Judge, but for many you have to also face your employer. The NFL isn’t the only employer that has a substance abuse policy, or imposes punishment on its employees for drug and alcohol related issues. This is why it is important you vigorously defend any criminal charges against, and protect your right to work and earn a living. Our team of criminal defense attorneys has experience defending criminal charges and provides a defense tailored to your case and needs.


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