back of security guardMost times a victim’s protective (VPO) order isn’t worth the paper it’s written on. This is usually because these orders are considered domestic disputes and the authorities are hesitant to get involved. Or, with a truly volatile person, being served with the documents does nothing to keep them away from the other person. In fact, some people are only further angered by being served with a protective order. So the question becomes, is it even worth getting a protective order and if it is, should you keep it in place?

A recent news story illustrates a case where after the initial restraining order was in place, the “victim” decided not to pursue a permanent order. The wife of Florida Congressman Alan Grayson has decided to drop her request for a permanent restraining order for an altercation she claims took place in March. The incident includes:

● An altercation at the family home March 1.

● An aide for the Congressman produced footage showing the wife as the aggressor.

● The couple of 23 years has filed for divorce.

Determining who the aggressor is is a common problem in cases involving restraining orders. Often times a simple disagreement escalates, and one party calls the police out of emotion and frustration. The problem is that once the report is made, it can be difficult to have it undone. Many people who file for protective orders regret their decision, but by that point the legal process has begun and it takes legal gymnastics to finish what’s been started. Our office is competent in dealing with defending restraining orders and protecting your good reputation.

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