safespaceOn March 21, Safe Space hosted their annual dinner at Willoughby Golf Club, to raise awareness for the victims of domestic violence.  Guest Speaker, Denise Brown spoke of her experiences as the sister of Nicole Brown Simpson, and how she and others missed the signs of domestic violence prior to Nicole’s tragic murder.  Domestic Violence is an ugly pandemic, that crosses all ages, races and socioeconomic dividing lines.  Often, the victim feels like it is their fault, and will either refuse to report the problem, or will make excuses for why it occurred.  Domestic Battery is a misdemeanor for a first offense, but can be filed as a felony on a second offense.  Often, victims feel that they must endure the abuse as they have no where else to go.  That’s where Safe Space comes in.  They will assist victims in getting on their feet, and away from their abusers.  While Denise Brown was a very good speaker, the most intense speakers were those who stood up and told their stories of being abused.  It was wonderful to hear how Safe Space helped them through, and how they are now doing great in their lives after domestic violence.  

If you are the victim of domestic violence, there are legal remedies that can help you to keep your abuser away.  Contact Us for a confidential consultation more information.