prison barsHave you ever seen a cute little kid flex their muscles and ask “have you seen my guns?”. No doubt these instances make for cute posts on social media, but let’s talk about real firearms. Florida has an open carry law. The circumstances under which you can lawfully carry a weapon though are somewhat confusing. The confusion has only been increased by recent court decisions on the right to “stand your ground”.


The relevant statute provides for the following with regard to the lawful carry of weapons, which includes permission to openly carry a weapon for the purposes of lawful self-defense when:


● The item carried is a self-defense chemical spray, or.

● A non-lethal stun or dart gun.


You are also permitted to openly carry when you are fishing, hunting, camping, or at a gun show.  The problem arises when it is questionable as to whether you are actually participating in one of these activities. If you are charged with violating the open carry laws, you must provide evidence that supports a finding that you were engaged in an activity that allows for an open carry of a firearm. Florida law also allows for issuance of permits to carry a concealed weapon. For more information on the requirements to qualify for either open or concealed carry, call a criminal defense attorney that knows the specifics.


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