BoxingNowhere more than in Florida is the spotlight on self-defense. Time and again defendants are claiming they’ve acted out of self-defense. But with high profile cases, media frenzy and attention given to nearly every move made, being successful when claiming self-defense is an increasingly difficult task. The legal professionals at the Ferraro Law Group are skilled at clearing the hurdles in place when advancing a defense of self-defense.

A recent story shows using the stand your ground law is being used with more frequency. While the Treyvon Martin case may have put the spotlight on the law, there are others availing themselves of the right to self-defense. Marissa Alexander recently learned her ability to claim self-defense will soon be decided. Alexander’s case includes:

● Three counts of aggravated assault.

● Alexander’s claim that she was simply firing a warning shot during an incident with her estranged husband.

● Alexander is currently appealing her conviction, based on her lawyers successfully arguing the evidence was incomplete to                       warrant the conviction.

To use the stand your ground defense, the facts must show that you were in fear of grave bodily harm or death from a perpetrator. Additionally, that perpetrator must be in the process of unlawfully or forcefully entering a dwelling, residence or occupied vehicle. As has been shown, the facts can become confusing. What one person perceives as a threat, another may not. It is the job of a competent criminal defense attorney to present your case in a light most favorable to you. We have experience in criminal defense, and in presentation of facts in a clear and understandable way. Being able to artfully articulate the circumstances under which resort to self-defense was necessary is the first step in a successful case.

If you are charged with a crime where you actions were in self-defense, call an attorney knowledgeable about the stand your ground law. Experienced criminal defense attorneys in Stuart and the Treasure Coast are here to help. Call today to schedule a free initial consultation.