At the beginning of the year a host of new legislators took office across the country, and most of their constituents expect some major changes. From areas of taxes to security, and immigration the likelihood we will see significant changes to policy is high. In Florida, some important changes have already taken place though, and the list below is a sampling of what’s new.

Changes to criminal law, as it pertains to the obligations of law enforcement personnel include the following:

● Sex offender laws: college campuses are now required to notify students when a registered offender is on campus, and the range of punishment for sex offenses involving minors has been increased.

● Traffic laws: the penalties for leaving the scene of an auto accident have also been increased.

  • BWI (boating while intoxicated): there are now provisions that allow for those persons accused of BWI to take required safety courses online.

It is important to know when changes in laws take place, because sometimes the new rules require you to do or not do certain things. In other instances though, the laws change in a way that are beneficial to those charged with crimes. Such as a new law that allows for a 78 year old man to finally receive compensation for wrongful imprisonment. We stay on top of all the changes, so we are in the best position to help you when needed.

If you have questions about changes to criminal laws or how laws apply to the specific facts of your case, call an experienced defense attorney for help. Skilled criminal defense attorneys in Stuart and the Treasure Coast are here to help you reach solutions that work. Your first visit is a free initial consultation.