business partnersDivorce cases are made up of many complex issues, can be volatile, and take a financial as well as emotional toll on the parties. For some couples, the decision to submit their case to mediation is the right choice. The Ferraro Law Group participates in litigation of divorce matters as well as mediation. Our goal is to reach a resolution in a way that is right for you, without advocating for one forum over the other.

After having made the difficult decision to dissolve a marriage, consider the possible benefits of mediation. These benefits include:

● Lower cost

● A generally shorter time from inception to conclusion

● An informal setting, which instantly calms nerves and lowers the chances for emotional responses

● Accountability and meaningful participation for decisions made about the issues that matter to you most

If you are hesitant about entering mediation, keep in mind that if at any time during the process there is a breakdown in negotiations, the mediation can be stopped and the parties remain free to allow the Court to decide their issues. Your lawyer still attends the mediation, and gives you guidance on effective advocacy for your rights. We have helped families in the Stuart and Treasure Coast area for over 30 years and know the importance of resolving emotionally charged cases peacefully. Mediation can give you the peace you need without a protracted legal proceeding.

For more information about the option of mediation, call skilled family law attorneys in Stuart and the Treasure Coast. Your first appointment is offered at a flat fee. Call today to schedule an appointment.