Being arrested is not an everyday occurrence for most people. So if you get arrested it is natural to wonder what steps to take first. The actions you take immediately after the arrest will have an impact on your case and depending on the type of charges might mean the difference between going to jail or going on probation, or being able to drive. For instance, every DUI case also includes a revocation of your driver’s license. Without a license it is hard to get around, but fortunately there are things you can do to maintain at least a limited right to drive. But you have to move quickly because the time to ask for your license back is limited by the law.

For a successful defense to DUI here the first three things you should do after the arrest:

  • Call a trusted friend or family member to help get you out of jail. It will much more difficult to defend your case from behind bars and most first time offenders can be released on bail. A bail bondsman will charge a percent of the total bail, so you will not be out the entire amount of money.
  • Once you are able to bond out of jail contact an attorney for review of your case. You will need to make the request for an administrative hearing on your license suspension within ten days. The longer you wait to obtain competent counsel the less likely you are to have this request made on time.
  • If your car was impounded as part of the arrest call the tow agency right away. Storage charges are likely adding up, per day, for every day your car sits on a tow truck’s lot. In order to minimize the cost to get your car back it is best to call the wrecker service right away.

Doing these three things for a DUI arrest will put you on solid ground quickly and allow you to get your wits about you so you can help your attorney develop a strong defense. We understand that it can be scary to be arrested for DUI, and our job is to shoulder some of that burden for you and help to ease any anxiety you feel.

For answers to questions about DUI cases, call an experienced criminal defense attorney today. Skilled criminal defense attorneys in Stuart and the Treasure Coast are here to help you reach workable solutions. Your first visit is a free initial consultation.