When you agree to resolve a criminal charge against you by going on probation, you agree to abide by certain rules and regulations for the duration of your probationary period. When making the agreement your attorney should explain the terms to you clearly and completely, so you know what to do while serving out your probation. It is also helpful to go into probation with some basic knowledge of your own, because you are the one ultimately responsible for having a successful probation.

Five of the most common violations of probation, and the things to watch out for while you are on probation are:

  • Forgetting to check in with your probation officer. This takes time out of your schedule, but if you don’t do it, you can be charged with violating your probation. It would be a shame to have your probation revoked over such a minor infraction, so be sure to put all meetings and calls on your calendar and give yourself a reminder.
  • Failing to pay fines and costs. We understand the fees can add up in a criminal case, but if you miss a payment you will be charged with violating probation. If you are having financial problems that prevent you from paying what is due, call your attorney and your probation officer to discuss alternatives.
  • Failing to complete Court ordered courses, such as driving classes or drug and alcohol treatment programs. It is best to schedule these courses as soon as possible, so you do not run out of time during your probation.
  • Testing positive for a controlled substance while on probation. This is a big no-no, so just don’t do it!
  • Committing a new crime while on probation. If you are arrested for a new crime, your probation will be immediately revoked and you will have to stand and defend the new crime, the original crime, and the probation violation charge.

Our goal is to negotiate terms of probation you can handle, and to share in your success. If you are not sure probation is the answer for you, or if you have a question about the terms, make sure to ask. We will take the time necessary to fully explain the process to you, so you walk away from the Courthouse with confidence. We can also help if you have been charged with violating probation, and look forward to discussing your case with you soon. Call us today for help.

If you have questions about probation violations, call a competent criminal defense attorney in Stuart and the Treasure Coast for help. Call us to schedule an appointment.