The Medical Marijuana Card – 3 Things You Must Know About Your License to Chill….
The Medical Marijuana Card – 3 Things You Must Know About Your License to Chill….

Medical Marijuana is still the exception, not the rule in Florida.

So, it finally came, your brand new, shiny State issued ID that entitles you to purchase medical marijuana legally through a licensed dispensary.  And you’ve gone through the process of purchasing your new medicine….  So now what?  Do you have an unfettered license to chill whenever you see fit?  Not exactly.  Here are three things you must know about your new prescription…

  1. NO SHARING!!  You may not share your prescription.  Your prescription is for you and you only!  While you may legally possess, carry and consume your new prescription, sharing could subject you to the same sale and distribution crimes as big time drug dealers!  You should also know that sale and delivery (like free distribution to friends) carry the same penalties and in Martin and St. Lucie Counties, the State Attorneys are usually looking for significant jail time!  Tell your friends to get their own card!!
  2. NO MILE HIGH CLUB!!  You may not consume your prescription anywhere.  It is unlawful to consume your legal medical cannabis within eye distance of a public place, or in a vehicle, boat, train or aircraft.  Even if you are safe from the possession laws, you may still be arrested for DUI if you are believed to be driving or in physical control of a motor vehicle while impaired by cannabis.  And please don’t try to take it out of Florida.  Your license to chill doesn’t cross state lines!!
  3. KEEP THE CARD!  You Must Carry Your Card!  Not having the card with you can cause you serious problems.  They can be remedied to some extent if you can present your card to the clerk of court prior to any court date on the issue.  But along the same lines, you must also carry the actual prescription, or print out that comes with the medical marijuana.  In other words, you need to be able to show that you have the documentation indicating that whatever medicine is in your hand was provided to you from a licensed dispensary.  You are not allowed to go get your own product on the black market.

If you are a legal prescription holder that has been arrested for possession of your legal medicines, or for DUI as a result of those medicines, contact us at the Ferraro Law Group for a confidential consultation.