Even if you aren’t old enough to remember the original Miami Vice, you may have seen a rerun or even caught a glimpse of one of the remade episodes. The show centered around two undercover officers and their “war on drugs”, while exploring how their personal lives intertwined. Florida seemed to be a good setting for the show, because of the ease with which drugs can be brought into a coastal state. While it is true that this happens, you might be surprised to learn that offshore drug activity is not where most drug arrests take place, and many times the cases are far less glamorous than what is portrayed on television or in the movies.

The number one way to get arrested for drugs is to get pulled over for a DUI or traffic violation, and have the officer search your car for drugs. This type of action can lead to:

  • A DUI arrest
  • A drug arrest
  • Being charged with possession, with intent to distribute
  • Loss of your driving privileges

If you are pulled over for speeding and the officer suspects there are drugs in the car, you can bet a plausible reason to search your vehicle will be made. The severity of the charges will vary from case to case, and this is because the facts of each stop are different. If you are driving alone it will be a tough sell to claim the controlled substances found were not yours, but with multiple passengers this can be a good argument to make. Other possible defenses include attacking the search itself. If the search of your car was improper, any contraband found during that search should not find its way to a court of law. A thorough investigation into what actually happened during your stop is a must, and we are prepared to make that investigation for you. Our goal is to provide you with representation that fits the facts of your case rather than take a cookie cutter approach to your defense. We understand how important it is to keep a clean record, and to stay out of jail. If you have been arrested for having drugs in your car, call us today.

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