The moment you are arrested for DUI starts a very important clock ticking. While you will likely not have to appear in Court within the first ten days after arrest, you will have to take some sort of action. Specifically, you must make a request for an administrative review of your driver’s license suspension or you lose the right to do so. The failure to make this request means you will be without a license and the legal ability to drive. But, if you act fast, you can ask for at least a modified license that allows you to drive to work and school, and other necessary places.

The amount of time for which you will lose your license in a DUI case if you miss the ten day deadline depends on the facts of your case. For instance:

  • The period of time for suspension is one year if you refused to take the breath test when pulled over.
  • If you consented to the breath test and the result showed your BAC was over the legal limit, your license will be suspended for six months.

After you make the request for review, you will be given a hearing date to seek reinstatement of your driving privileges. During that time, you will be given a temporary permit to drive, but this permit will expire on or around the date of your administrative review hearing. So, you cannot rely on this permit as a permanent solution and need to take action to obtain the right to drive. In most cases a limited license will be granted, and this will allow you to travel for business purposes. If you are a student, going to school is your business and you will be allowed to drive to and from class. If you have been arrested for DUI, call our office right away. We will make sure the request to save your driving privileges is made on time, and will aggressively defend the charges against you. Remember, you only have ten days to do this and these days could be considered the ten most important days of your entire case. Let us help you today.


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