If you are arrested for a crime, receive a DUI or other traffic ticket, or have been charged with violating your probation you will need competent legal representation to help keep you out of jail and behind the wheel of your car. The possible punishment for criminal charges depends on the type of charge and whether you are a first time offender or have faced charges in the past. In order to make sure the defense you present to the Court is sufficient, it is essential to have a skilled criminal defense attorney investigate your case and identify the pieces of evidence that best support your defense.

In order to develop a solid defense to DUI cases, a good investigation should include these three things:

  • A review of the initial traffic stop, to determine if the officer had cause to pull you over. If there was no cause for the stop, the evidence obtained thereafter may not be reliable.
  • If the stop is deemed appropriate or if the evidence found from a questionable stop is allowed to be used a thorough review of that evidence must be made. This includes taking a look at the breath test and how it was administered. If the officer lacked the proper training to give the test or made a mistake while having you take the test, the results may not be valid. Or, if the testing equipment was faulty or had not been properly maintained an argument can be made that the result is not reliable.
  • Looking for other explanations for a “positive” BAC test result should include looking into whether you are taking any prescriptions that can give off a reading similar to how alcohol reacts within the system.

There are a number of defenses that can be raised when fighting a DUI charge, but in order to pinpoint which defense works best for the facts of your case a careful analysis must be performed. Our team of DUI defense attorneys has experience looking at fact patterns and picking out the relevant facts and then presenting them a light most favorable to your position. Call our offices today to find out more about DUI defense and what you can expect if you are facing this type of charge.

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