Being arrested for DUI is no fun, and if you don’t act quickly to protect your rights after the arrest the consequences can be harsh. Many people think fighting DUI is not possible, but that is simply not true. By taking the proper steps after an arrest you greatly increase your chance of maintaining your ability to drive, and fast action is also helpful in developing an effective defense to the charges.

The three most important things to do after a DUI arrest are:

  • Exercise your right to remain silent, or at least take caution with your words. It is not uncommon for statements you make to be taken as an admission, and used against you later. While it is important to remain calm and cooperate, you do have the right to limit the information you provide to the arresting officer.
  • Call a trusted friend or family member to help get you out of jail, and to make arrangements for the safekeeping of your car. Once you bond out of jail, call an experienced DUI defense attorney for help and for a thorough review of your case. The information you give your attorney will help identify whether the field sobriety test was done properly, and if the results are reliable. When flaws in the testing procedure are found, they can be used as a powerful negotiating tool on your behalf.
  • Obtain assistance requesting a review of your license suspension. When an arrest for DUI is made, the right to drive is placed in jeopardy. If you fail to request a review of this part of your case on time, you will lose your right to drive.

In most instances a driver charged with DUI can obtain a limited license, which allows for driving in certain circumstances. If you need to get to work, to school, or need to take your kids to their after school activities you will want to seek a modified license. We can help with this request, and will make sure the deadline to seek a review is not missed. The loss of your driver’s license is only one part of a DUI case; the criminal charges against you make up the other part. You have to take steps to defend your right to drive, as well as defend the criminal charges. This element of dual cases makes a DUI case unique, but with the help of the right attorney you can be successful on both parts. Call us today to learn more.


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