Not everyone knows this, but a DUI arrest is more than just a criminal case against you. There is a second part to every DUI case and it has to do with your driver’s license. This is because every time the police make an arrest for DUI, they also taken away the driver’s license. In order to get your license back, or to obtain at least a limited license, you have to act fast. The law allows you to make a request for review of the loss of your license, but you have to make the request within ten days of being arrested. If you forget to ask for a review, you will lose your license for a set period of time. We can help you avoid this harsh consequence by seeking administrative review of the loss of your driving privileges, and making sure the request is made on time. In order to do this, you must contact us right away.

These two parts to every DUI, the criminal case against you and the loss of your license, can result in the following penalties:

  • The criminal part of your case carries with it the possibility that you will go to jail for up to one year. Many first time offenders can stay out of jail altogether, and even a subsequent offender has a shot at staying out of jail. The result in your case depends on the facts, and on how you present the evidence to the prosecution and the Judge. Probation is usually offered to first time offenders instead of jail time and having a successful probation does more than just keep you out of prison; it can also end with the charges being reduced or dismissed.
  • The administrative portion of your case that deals with the loss of your license includes a 90 day suspension, but this depends on whether you took the breath test or refused. The suspension is longer with subsequent offenses than it is for first time offenders, and the chances of being granted a provisional driver’s license are also case specific.

We have helped other people come through DUI cases with successful results, and can help you too. For more information and to learn how you can maintain your right to drive call us today.

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