Being arrested for DUI is different for every person. The amount of alcohol in your bloodstream depends on several factors; including your tolerance level, gender, the amount of time that passed between your last drink and getting behind the wheel, and possibly even your age. But, if your levels are over the legal limit, you can and most likely will be arrested for DUI. Nearly everyone is aware of some of the possible consequences of being charged with DUI, like loss of your driving privileges, having to blow into an interlock device before your car will start, and paying large fines and court costs. Given these possibilities, it is critical to take steps early on in your case to help minimize the impact and to reach a satisfactory result.

Three things you can do that will help with your DUI defense include:

  • Refrain from talking to the police too much, either at the scene, in the back of the patrol car, or at the station after arrest. This is not to say that you should be impolite or rude, but it is important to limit what you say and that you do not offer any information that was not requested.
  • Remain calm, which means you may have to check your emotions at the door. It can be hard to do, but if you “blow up” at the officer the situation will only escalate and could result in additional charges being filed against you.
  • Act quickly to secure counsel, and to make a request for an administrative review of the suspension of your driver’s license. There is a pretty short time frame after a DUI arrest within which you may ask for a provisional driver’s license, missing this deadline will leave you without the ability to drive for an extended period of time.

Part of your quick action should also include having your attorney review any footage of the stop and arrest, and to perform an examination of the field test given. When flaws within the testing procedure are identified, those flaws can be used as part of your defense and might result in a dismissal or reduction of the charges. Call us today for more information about how to fight a DUI and what to expect during and after your case.

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