upset womanOne of the most common outcomes of misdemeanor cases is that the accused is placed on probation. During probation, you have to abide by all the rules set forth by the Court, and upon successful completion of probationary terms the charges are generally reduced or dismissed. However, if you fail to follow the rules of probation, the probation can be revoked and you will face sentencing for your crime.

This is exactly what is happening to a lady referred to as the “cookie monster”. The convicted once bragged about how easy it was to take money from a girl scout selling cookies, is now facing some serious time. The news report tells the story of a woman who violated her probation for charges of weapons related robbery, and a kidnapping:


● Stefanie Woods has been returned to Palm Beach County to faces charges she violated probation.

● The prosecutor is requesting Ms. Woods be held without bond given the violent nature of the crime.

Probation violations are serious offenses. If convicted, you can have your probation revoked and face immediate jail time. This means you must put forth a strong defense to charges of violating your probation or parole. Possible defenses include challenging the Court’s jurisdiction, which requires an examination of whether the violation warrant was signed prior to expiration of you probationary period. You might also explore whether the alleged violation was a technical violation for something minor such as paying a fine late, or if a new crime was committed. If a new crime was committed the defense you raise will be quite different than for a technical violation. Experienced criminal defense attorneys are skilled at identifying which type of violation has occurred.

If you’ve been charged with violation probation or parole, call an experienced criminal defense attorney. Seasoned criminal defense attorneys in Stuart and the Treasure Coast are here to help. Your first visit is a free initial consultation, call today to schedule your appointment.