For most people charged with a crime, the thought of spending time in jail is frightening. This is true even if the sentence is relatively short; because any time your freedom is compromised it is impossible to live a normal life. Inmates are unable to go to work and/or school, and cannot spend time with their families on a daily basis. This can make supporting a spouse and children difficult to do, and sometimes extended family has to step in to help. Being in jail is also just not fun and can really take a toll on a person’s mental and physical health. This is why it is so important to explore your options when charged with a crime, and if the crime is DUI your chances are pretty good of avoiding jail.

For DUI cases in Florida, there is a possibility of jail time with every case, even a misdemeanor or first time offense. However, the fewer cases against you in the past and the lower your BAC, the higher your chances of negotiating a sentence that does not include jail. Three alternatives include:

  • Going on probation, during which time you will not be allowed to get any tickets of any kind and must follow other terms of the probation.
  • Attending driving school.
  • Going to drug and/or alcohol rehabilitation courses.

Most times, going to driving school or attending rehab is a part of you probationary terms. Other terms of probation might include the requirement that you have an interlock device installed in your car. An interlock is a device that requires a driver to blow into it before the car’s ignition will start. The purpose is to prevent a driver from getting behind the wheel and actually being able to drive after having too much to drink. And, there are always going to be fines and court costs associated with a DUI or other type of criminal case. These fines and costs will be part of your “punishment” and must be paid prior to any favorable disposition of your case. We have experience negotiating with the prosecution for alternatives to incarceration, and work with you to seek terms that are manageable. Call us today to schedule an appointment and explore your options.


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