Until you have a criminal record it might not be readily evident to you how important it is to have a clean record. Most employers are hesitant to hire people with criminal records, the military checks your record when attempting to enter the service, some schools do not admit students that have records, and you might not even be able to rent an apartment if you have a criminal record. You may be wondering what you can do about a record if you have one, or how you can prevent a current charge from showing up on your record. The law does allow for a record to be cleared in certain circumstances, and if you qualify for an expungement under one of these situations it is to your benefit to seek an order that seals your record. We can help by examining your case and letting you know if you qualify, and if so, can take the necessary legal steps to make sure your record is cleared.

Florida law allows a defendant to ask for an expungement if the charges were never filed, even though you faced arrest or if the charges were dismissed after having been filed. You can also qualify for an expungement if you were found not guilty in the case, or made an agreement that upon a successful completion of probation the charges would be changed to a lesser offense. Three benefits of having a record expunged include:

  • Being able to claim that you have not been convicted of the crime.
  • Having the harmful notation removed from your record, so even if someone did perform a search the case would not show on your record.
  • Keeping points off your driving record, depending on the type of charges against you.

It is important to remember that certain law enforcement and governmental officials may still have access to your record, even once it has been expunged. So, if you are applying for a military appointment or job with the authorities it is likely the charges will still be visible. If you want to have charges expunged from your criminal record, call our office to find out if you qualify and if the result will be what you expect. We will go over your case with you and explain the details, so you can make an informed decision about how to proceed.

For more information about expungements, call an experienced defense attorney in Stuart and the Treasure Coast. We offer an initial consultation for no charge, and look forward to helping you resolve your case in a satisfactory way.